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Hello! I'm Thomas Bird

Welcome to my project homepage!

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About Me

I'm a Computer Science student from San Francisco

I am currently studying at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, pursuing a Bachelor's in Computer Science.

My strongest technical skills are C, C++, Swift, and Java, but I am also familiar with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Python as well as several other languages and technologies listed on my resume. I have a history of strong leadership and communication skills and tend to get involved wherever I can – such as my role as a project lead for my school's open source club.

Below, you can find info on some of the projects I've worked on.



Here are my projects:

I have worked on a variety of personal projects, from simple games to complex mobile applications. Below are the ones I believe are worth showing off. If you want more information on any of them, either look at my resume or visit my github!


Chrome Extension

Readee addresses a fundamental challenge in online learning and reading comprehension: the difficulty of visualizing and understanding complex terms and concepts. The tool was created for a hackathon within a 24-hour constraint. It uses Echo3D's JS SDK, and GPT-4 API via Node.js hosted on an Amazon AWS EC2 instance. The front-end and button injection was made by using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Art Optimizer

C++ Program

This program takes in an input of a floorplan, and outputs a heatmap specifying where it is best to place art based on visibility. It uses the CGAL library to generate a Minkowski sum of the floorplan, then triangulates it using a constrained Delaunay triangulation algorithm. It then uses raycasting to determine point visibility, with options for both white noise and blue noise placement.

Daily Disc

Mobile Game

Daily Disc is a mobile game I created in the Godot game engine. It boasts randomly generated maps, created using perlin noise. The game features a leaderboard system as well. Each day, a daily course is given to all users, and players can compete to do better than their friends.


Cooperative Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning System

RLOTMG is a demo that features cooperative multi-agent reinforcement learning in a 2D bullet hell game inspired by Realm of the Mad God. It was made using Unity and C#, and uses Unity's ML-Agents toolkit for training. There is also a research paper that goes into more detail about the project; this and a demo of the game can be found on repository's github page linked below.


AI Video Curator

Vieworthy is an AI-powered video curation website and Chrome extension that analyzes video data evaluate quality and provide users with video summaries. It is capable of web scraping for Youtube videos, and processed said data to query an LLM API where a description is generated. It was made using Node.js, OpenAI's GPT-3.5 API, and Google's Youtube Data API.

Path Pilot

iOS Application

Path Pilot is a fitness-based iOS Application that displays randomly generated routes for runners. It does so using Apple Maps API, and was made using SwiftUI, with an updating database hosted on Firebase. This project is still in development, and I hope to release it soon.

Troy Green Spaces


Troy Green Spaces is a website that displays an interactable map of Troy, NY with a list of all its green spaces. This project was done with an environmental science student at a nearby school based on her research. It was made using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Leaflet.js, and is hosted on GitHub Pages. GIS data is fetched from the City of Troy's open data portal.

A* Pathfinding in Dragon Age

Unity Demo

This is a Unity demo that uses the A* Search and Bressenham's line algorithm for pathfinding on maps from the series "Dragon Age." It allows you to choose a map, a heuristic, a waypoint representation, and any two points.



This is a simple webgame myself and some peers made using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It was made for a Hackathon, and was created within a 1-day constraint.

This Website


This website was made using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It is hosted on GitHub Pages, and the source code can be found below.